Friday, March 4, 2011

Star block #1 and a Pause in the Action for a Little R & R

Although it has been finished for quite a while, this is the first opportunity I've had to post a picture of Star Block #1 for Natalia's Quilt-Along.  The block is a Friendship Star, which I thought was a good choice for the first block.

The photo isn't so hot; I'm determined to improve my quilt photographing skills!  

Posting this picture was delayed because we have been in Florida for 12 days, relaxing, swimming, reading and escaping from the snowy landscape that has been the view out our windows for far too long.  This was the first time I have ever been on the East Coast of Florida, and I loved it.  We visited two botanical gardens and enjoyed walking among plants and trees not seen in the Northeast. 

Lily pads

Banyan tree


My biologist husband says this is the fruit of the tree from which it is hanging.  Some fruit, eh? (Of course I neglected to record the name of the tree!)

My friend Marge and I went to water aerobics every morning.  Fun!

We saw the launch of the space shuttle Discovery from the beach!

And, of course, I visited some quilt shops in the area.  My favorite was the Dragon Fly Quilt Shop in Vero Beach where I bought some Australian fabrics and some Kaffe Fassett fat quarters. No vacation is complete without fabric souvenirs!

So now we are home again.  The sewing machine is plugged in and ready, the fabric has been washed, the rotary cutter has a fresh blade, and I am going to do some serious stash busting.


  1. Those lily pads and palmettos look like fine inspirations for a quilt.

  2. I've always loved that little friendship star block!

    You pictures a wonderful. I agree with Watchmenow -- the lily pads are worthy of being the background on a PC monitor.