Friday, March 11, 2011

The New Jersey Quilt Fest and Traveling in Style

I went to the New Jersey Quilt Fest last week.  It was an opportunity to see a lot of amazing quilts.

One of the quilts I liked best was "Leaves II" by Susan Schweikhart that won Third Place in Best of Show.  Here's a picture with the quilt info, too.  The quilt was designed around sun prints of leaves.   Gorgeous, yes?

Another quilt that I really liked was part of a special exhibit of quilts made using photographs and Photoshop.  This one is called "Fire and Ice" and was made by Sandy Hart.  I love the use of modern technology in an art form with such a long tradition.

One of the members of my quilt guild won a judge's choice ribbon for her quilt, but I'll let her show it to you at her blog, Fun with Barb .  Congratulations, Barb!

In addition to the opportunity to gaze at such gorgeous eye candy for a few hours, I checked out all the vendors.  I managed to avoid buying a lot of fabric (only a few fat quarters, honest!) but I did come home with a Tutto wheeled sewing machine tote!  I have been looking at totes for a while now because taking my machine anywhere is a struggle; I have to carry it and it's HEAVY!  So now my Bernie and I will travel more easily and in style with my new red Tutto!

I'll get to try it out this weekend when my Guild has a machine quilting workshop with Michele Scott.

Now I can hardly wait to go to Lancaster next week for the AQS Quilt Show.  Looking at quilts by other quilters is fun and inspiring.

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