Friday, November 30, 2012

November, Part 2

Just under the deadline, here's my Free Motion Challenge samples for November.  Our teacher was Sarah Vedeler whose lesson was making rows of spirals.   We started by tracing them on a pdf:

And then moved to the sewing machine.  I started with thread that was already in the machine (white #50) and did a little echo quilting between the rows.

I moved on to one of my favorite quilting threads, Superior's King Tut, did some rows of spirals and then did some freehand.   Obviously I need more practice, and I'm going to try something I learned from one of the other participants in the Challenge, Cheri of Under Quilted Covers, who wrote that each time she sat down to sew or changed thread in her machine, she quilted a row of spirals.  What a great way to fit in daily practice!

My pile of practice squares is growing.  This is a great way to use up some of my stash!

Two days before Thanksgiving, Emily announced she was attending a birthday party on Thanksgiving Saturday.

Whose birthday?  A friend's daughter who was turning two.

Did I have any quilts lying around?  Oh, yeah.  Several.  Ha.

But like the good quilter I am, I had a bunch of whirligig blocks left over from a previous baby gift.  So I added a few more, sewed them together, backed it with some starry fabric from my stash and used this opportunity to practice some free motion quilting. 

 I quilted loops and hearts with some King Tut variegated thread.

I used some of the striped binding I blogged about here.

Emily said it was a big hit!  One of the guests was another friend whose daughter is celebrating her first birthday next month.  Uh oh.


  1. Your spirals look great Nancy!
    love the baby quilt, I'm sure Emily was thrilled to share it.