Friday, April 27, 2012

FMQ Challenge, and a Trip to Florida

I'm flying to Florida tomorrow to help my sister and brother-in-law move onto their new home, a Manta 40 catamarran.  (I wrote about the last visit to their house in Pittsburgh here.)  We'll be busy cleaning and organizing and, I hope, hanging out together over coffee or wine.  Jack already posted a picture of their first dinner aboard, with Izzy the cat keeping watch.

But before departure, I quickly did the Free Motion Challenge lesson for April.  Don Linn is the teacher for April, and he demonstrated his method for marking quilting designs.  He uses tulle to make a "template" of a quilting design that you then trace onto fabric using your favorite marker.  Here are the supplies used to make the template.  You stretch the tulle in a quilting or embroidery hoop, place it over a paper copy of the design and trace the design using a permanent marker.  Then you place the tulle over your fabric and trace with your favorite temporary marking tool.  I use an air erasable marker.

Here is my completed quilting sample.  I used Superior Threads Rainbow with The Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Although the quilting isn't first rate, I really liked the marking procedure and will certainly try it again.
 I know I promised a post about one of the projects I took on our quilt retreat in March.  It's coming....after my trip!

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  1. have a nice trip to see your sister - are they taking the cat? Have you or they read "North to the Night" a great NF sailing adventure book.
    I do hope she blogs on the trip.
    Intersting quilting idea - it looks good too.