Thursday, January 12, 2012

2012: Am I Nearly Insane? Maybe....

All around the blogosphere, there are 2012 resolutions and To-Do lists and project plans.  One of my very best talents is starting something and not finishing it (someday I'll write about The Chase sampler I have been working on intermittently since, well, since a long time ago.)  So I am reluctant to write about my quilting plans for this year and then spend much of the year procrastinating and then feeling guilty that I am not posting lots of pictures of projects in the making.   But I am putting on my big girl pants and taking the plunge.  So, herewith, are some of my quilty plans for 2012:

First, I am participating in the Free Motion Quilting Challenge organized by SewCalGal (notice the button to your right) in which there will be a FMQ lesson/video posted each month by one of twelve FMQ experts.  The idea is for participants to practice the lesson and post a picture of their best effort, which enters them into the drawing for a prize for that month.  So I am practicing the January lesson by Frances Moore of Fantastic Stitchwitchery, and as soon as I am satisfied with my results, I'll be posting my picture!

Second, I am taking an online course on Free Motion Quilting (do you sense a pattern here?) with Wendy Butler Burns through the Craftsy website.  I took advantage of a half-price sale to sign up for this course, and so far, I have watched the first four lessons.  Craftsy has things nicely organized; students have the ability to pause and bookmark the lessons, take notes, and ask questions of teh instructor and fellow students.  After all this FMQ instruction and practice, I should be an expert by the end of the year!  (Right!)

Third, I am going to complete all the star blocks for Natalie Bonner's star Quilt-along (see link on right) post pictures, and get that quilt finished!

The last quilty project I am going to publicly commit to is to make significant progress on my Nearly Insane quilt.  The Nearly Insane quilt is based on a quilt made by Salinda Rupp in Lancaster County, PA in 1870.  It has 85 six inch blocks with thirteen additional pieced blocks that are halved and surround the center of the quilt.  I bought the book by Liz Lois a few years ago with the intention of stretching my piecing skills and because I love the idea of this kind of project, but I hate the Dear Jane quilt.

Here are the blocks I have made so far: (The block numbers are from the pattern.)

Block #2

Block #13

Block #31

Block #1

Block #6 (with a mistake: the flying geese are facing the wrong way, but that's the way they'll stay!)

Block #11

I had a good time collecting fabrics for this project, and I'm sure there will be lots left over so I can use them in another quilt.  Did anyone say Barbara Brackmans' Civil War Quilt?

So here's to 2012; to starting new projects; to finishing projects; to learning new skills;  to forgiving ourselves when we don't accomplish everything we hope to; and to remaining on the safe side of Nearly Insane!

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  1. I love all of your blocks. I have to confess, I certainly love to start something and have the habit of not finishing. I do love the feel of a finish....but getting there is the problem.

    Love all of your blocks!!