Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Giving Back

This past Friday was the annual Service Day for my Quilt Guild.  All year long, members make quilt tops of all sizes and bring them to the service table at our regular meetings.  The Service committee (two other women and I) collect them and save them until January's meeting.  Our meeting room becomes a beehive of activity with women matching backings to the quilt tops, women adding batting to the quilts, women pinning all three layers together, women sewing and turning the quilts, and women tying the quilts. Since we always have an afternoon meeting and an evening meeting, the room is buzzing with the sounds of talking and laughing and sewing machines most of the day.  I brought home a trunk full of completed quilts to be taken to one of the organizations we support. Incomplete quilts went home with members who will finish them and bring them to future meetings.   Here's a picture of the finished quilts.


  1. Wow! Your group was very busy! These quilts look wonderful.

  2. I have some batting to donate to the cause, if you can use it.

  3. @ Marce....We can always use more batting! I'll stop by and pick it up tomorrow! ;-)